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The late Philip N. Jenner initiated this series of monographs in the early 1970s. The distribution was to a small number of individuals and to several depositories. A primary objective of the Family History section of Jenner.Net is to make these monographs available to a wider audience. There is also additional material available to update a few monographs in the series and to create additional monographs in the future.

These monographs are available in two forms: PDF file copies and bound, printed copies. Downloaded PDF files are free; printed copies are $25 each. PDF files are generally available fairly quickly. Printed copes are made on demand and may take a while to produce. To obtain either type of copy, send a message to Jenner.Net. Please include your name, email address, postal address, desired monograph, type of copy, and a short statement of what your interest is in the material.

All copies are copyright by the original author or editor and should be copied only with the permission of Jenner.Net. Additionally, it is proper to limit public use of specific information (such as dates or other identifying information) about living individuals unless you have explicit permission from those individuals.

Title Nos. with an asterisk are currently available. Other monographs will become available gradually over the coming months.

No. Title Editor Pages Date
1* The Narrative of Charles Hammond Jenner Philip N. Jenner 41 1977
2* Cornelia E. Comstock:
The Diary of Cornelia E. Comstock: A Journey
from Owego, New York, to Mendicino, California,
from 29 September to 10 October 1869
Philip N. Jenner 40 1975
3* Cornelia Comstock Jenner:
A Voyage from California to Washington Territory
from 19 November to 10 December 1876
Philip N. Jenner 11 1976
4* Mary J. Jenner:
The Record and History of the Jenner Family
Philip N. Jenner 54 1976
5* The Anonymous Historical and Biographical Sketch
of the Jenner Family
Philip N. Jenner 37 1976
6* A Preliminary Genealogy of the Kirkham Family Philip N. Jenner 22 1976
7* Frank P. Giles:
A Diary of an Expedition into the Sultan Basin
from 28 July to 5 August 1902
Norman L. Jenner 52 1977
8* The Genealogy of Nancy7 Whitney Jenner Philip N. Jenner 55 1977
9* Frank P. Giles:
A Summer at Yarrow Point (1904)
Philip N. Jenner 39 1977
10* The Jenners of Saint Lawrence County, New York,
and Their Ancestors
Roland Gibson 20 1972
11* The Record of Samuel3 Jenner Philip N. Jenner 57 1978
12* Frank P. Giles:
Frank on the River (1901)
Philip N. Jenner 48 1978
13* Wills From Four Generations Philip N. Jenner 78 1979
14* Charles Kirkham Jenner:
Stray Thoughts (1865-1866)
Philip N. Jenner 33 1993
15 Some Letters of Ernest Comstock Jenner Philip N. Jenner 159 1994
16 Some Letters of Charles Kirkham Jenner Philip N. Jenner 66 1995
17 Miyo Inouye Jenner:
Diaries of Two Voyages from Seattle to Yokohama
Philip N. Jenner 28 1995
18* A Jenner Lineage (2012 Reprinting with an Addendum) Philip N. Jenner 158 2001

Monograph No. 18 presents a Jenner lineage that originates with the last known English ancestor, Richard0 Jenner. His son Samuel1 Jenner emigrated to the New England colonies with Richard's widow, Hannah Barrett Jenner, in about 1650. We wish to gain a fuller understanding of Richard0, Hannah, and Samuel1.

Monograph No. 11 describes entries written by Richard's great grandson Samuel3 in a Bible published in 1640 that was originally owned by Richard. These entries state that:

  • Richard was a gentleman of considerable property
  • Richard was an officer in the British Army
  • Richard died in a foreign expedition
  • Richard had three sons in London:
    • Richard Jenner 2d
    • John Jenner
    • Samuel1 Jenner

The Bible does not give the name of Richard's wife and the mother of the three sons. The Bible does say that the son Samuel1 accompanied his mother to Newark, New Jersey, at the age of five years on an unstated date. (The first two sons presumably remained in England.) Additional information identifies the widow as Hannah Barrett Jenner, who later remarried John Coe and had two additional children:

  • Hannah Coe, born circa 1655
  • Andrew Coe, born circa 1660

Not all dates of birth, marriage, and death for Richard0, Hannah, and their children are accurately known, but estimates are:

  • Richard0, born circa 1620, married circa 1644, died circa 1650
  • Hannah. born circa 1626, married circa 1644, married circa 1653, died ?
    • Richard 2d, born circa 1645, died ?
    • John, born circa 1646, died ?
    • Samuel1, born circa 1647, died 1738

Hannah and sons Samuel1 and John (of Medstone in Kent) are mentioned in a 1666 will of Hannah's brother, John Barrett of London.

Any one who can help better answer the question "Who was Richard0 Jenner?" is welcome to contact Jenner.Net with your information or suggestions.

The PBS program Antiques Roadshow visited Seattle in 2002, and a piece of Jenner memorabilia was the lead item on the show. The presenter was the late Katharine "Sainty” Crossley. You can view the video segment on this web page. Here are two photos of the quilt.

Seattle Crazy Quilt #1Seattle Crazy Quilt #2

Several recent discoveries about Jenners include:

  • Ann Jane Milby, who was Elijah Kirkham Jenner's second wife, was born in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, on June 16, 1821.  Most sources incorrectly show her born in Toronto, Canada or New York, in 1819. In 1840 she was living with her family in Rochester, New York, as inferred from the 1840 US Federal Census.
  • Also in Rochester in 1840 was Elijah Kirkham Jenner, possibly living with his first wife, who could have died after having a son Sylvester H. Jenner in 1838 and a second son in 1840 (see next).
  • Elijah Kirkham Jenner, Jr., was born to Elijah, Sr. and his first wife in about January, 1840, and died of cholera in September, 1840. Although there is no record, his death and the possible death of his Mother could be related.
  • Presumably, Elijah, Sr. married Ann Jane Milby in 1841 or 1842, since their first child, Ellen Jane, was born in April, 1843.

We are still seeking an identification of Elijah Kirkham Jenner’s first wife and when/where they were married.  The Longworth American Almanacs for 1835-6 and 1836-7 list Elijah as a gunsmith in New York City, which could be about when and where they were married. In addition to the 1840 US Federal Census for Rochester, which lists Elijah with a family, and the burial record of Elijah, Jr. in 1840, the 1841 Rochester City Directory lists Elijah as a gunsmith.  It also lists his younger brother Charles Hammond Jenner as a machinist and two other Jenners, who may be relatives.

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