Family History

The Jenner family has complex connections to several other families of interest. The following short descriptions summarize the links between the families, and information about each family appears in detailed sections. Just click on the family name to get the family information currently available.

Jenner Family

The lineage of interest began with Richard0 Jenner, whose widow and son Samuel1 Jenner emigrated to the New England colonies in about 1650, as outlined in "Who was Richard0 Jenner?". The pivotal person is Elijah5 Kirkham Jenner (1812-1879). Born in Pittsford, VT, he lived in Connecticut, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, and California. E.K. Jenner had four generations of ancestor Jenners who lived in the United States and has descendant Jenners of at least seven generations. With his second wife, Ann Jane Milby (1821-1853), he had three surviving children. One daughter, Ellen Jane Jenner (1843-1938), married William Worthington in 1861, establishing the Worthington lineage of interest here. His son, Charles Kirkham Jenner (1846-1916), married Cornelia Experience Comstock (1846-1891) in 1870. In 1893, Helen Milby Jenner (1872-1968), daughter of C.K. and Cornelia Comstock Jenner, married Louis Henry Legg, her second cousin through the Comstock family. In 1969 David C. Jenner married Ellen Worthington, both of whom have E.K. and Ann Milby Jenner as common great great grandparents, have common Comstock great great great grandparents, and have common Whitney great great great great great grandparents.

Worthington Family

William Worthington (1820-1887) was born near Manchester, England, and emigrated to the United States in 1841. His marriage in 1861 to Ellen Jane Jenner produced two surviving sons, William Jenner Worthington (1863-1936) and Edgar Kirk Worthington (1868-1944). In 1892 William J. Worthington married Grace Amelia Legg. In 1969 Ellen Worthington, great granddaughter of William Worthington, married David C. Jenner.

Legg Family

The related Legg family came to the United States in the 1600s, and in the 1860s was living in Speedsville, NY. Edwin Emmett Legg (1833-1905), whose mother was Lydia G. Comstock (1809-1884), and Mariette Marilla Taft (1837-1898) had five children, among them Louis Henry Legg (1865-1941) and Grace Amelia Legg (1869-1935). In 1892 Grace Amelia Legg married William J. Worthington. In 1893 Louis Henry Legg married Helen Milby Jenner, his second cousin through the Comstock family. 

Izett Family

The related Izett family originated in Scotland and came to the United States in the mid-1800s. In 1907 James Alexander Izett (1871-1913) married Mary Main Forsyth (1877-1963), who was born in Scotland. In 1932, one of their daughters, Janet Main Izett (1909-2001) married Robert Edgar Worthington (1900-1995), son of William J. and Grace Legg Worthington. In 1969, Ellen Worthington, daughter of Robert E. and Janet Izett Worthington, married David C. Jenner.

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