At Jenner.Net you'll find information about Family History, Classic Computers, Model Railroading, and a few other Miscellaneous topics. This Website will grow as information and time to include it become available.

Family History

The family history concerns the ancestors and descendants of Elijah Kirkham Jenner as well as the associated Worthington, Legg, and Izett Families. Most importantly, the Website eventually will include a complete set of Monographs in the series The History of the Jenner Family in America initiated by the late Philip N. Jenner.

Classic Computers

This describes a collection of classic computers from the 1970s and 1980s that consists mostly of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-11 and Apple Macintosh computers. There are a few other types of computers of note.

Model Railroading

The emphasis is on locomotives and railroad cars of O-gauge, 3-rail, model trains.  The primary goal is to model the passenger trains that served Seattle, Washington, in about 1950, so this includes trains from the Northern Pacific, Great Northern, Milwaukee Road, and Union Pacific railroads, and to a lesser extent, from the Southern Pacific railroad.


This section occasionally includes miscellaneous topics of interest.

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